• A light, effective peel designed to be used at home for skin rejuvenation and for the improvement of acne prone skin. The kit includes LACM 1 Sebuwash Pallet & Brush Headband.
  • Your Skincare Journey starts here. This Kit contains entry-level face and body products and is the perfect way to try this results-driven range. Contains:
    • Skin EssentiA®Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 1 50ml
    • Youth EssentiA® Vita-Peptide Eye Gel 10ml
    Also includes complimentary-
    • Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules 3.3g [10 capsules])
    • Intensive Avance DFP 312™ Cream 5ml
    • RAD SPF 15 Sunscreen 5ml.
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